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Spirit of the Point - 外 關 – Wài Guān - San Jiao 5

· 外 – Wài – outside, external, exterior, foreign, not intimate

· 關 – Guān –guarded passage, barrier, connection, to close, to shut, lock up

· This is the Luo-Connecting point of the San Jiao channel

· Confluent point of the Yang Wei Mai, often paired with GB-41

1. Location

o Wài Guān = External Guarded Passage

  • This point is located 2 cun proximal to SJ-4, in the depression between the radius and the ulna, (hence “guarded”) on the radial side of the extensor digitorum communis tendons. (Deadman)

  • An easier method of locating this point is that it is on the opposite side of PC-6, Nèi Guān, and it also carries the opposite name, Wài Guān. Due to the point being in a depression between the bones and on the external (in comparison to PC-6), it’s as if this point is an external passage that is guarded.

2. Physiology

o Wài Guān = Outer Barrier

  • The San Jiao is the the 10th month of the year, first month of winter. It represents a grave, a state of being in which nature is not doing anything. Also, it is the container of yang qi, because during this time, yang qi is compressed and stored. In that sense, this point is the outer barrier of yang qi, protecting and compressing it, keeping it still and safe

  • Setting up an outside batter also allows the person to go within, to go to sleep. During sleep is when the body heals itself and internal processes occur most actively, so this point also has a relationship with the endocrine system, perhaps help to regulate it

  • Being the Luo point of the SJ channel, this point is directly linked to the PC through PC-6 on the inner aspect of the forearm, which is then directly linked to the heart, so this point could help “drain” the heart, meaning that it could be used to regulate/harmonize emotions.

  • Moreover, this point can help connect the person to the outside world when they’re feeling like they’re alone, shutting out the world.

  • This point is the master point of the Yang Wei Mai, which is often coupled with GB-41 of the Dai Mai, but also as the Shaoyang treatment

  • Because of its direct relationship to the Jue Yin Pericardium, this point could help to move blood as well as qi, smooth out qi but also consolidating it

3. Pathology

o Wài Guān = Shut Out

  • As the name suggested, the pathology of this point is when there’s feeling of isolation, of not being part of the flow, an outsider. Physically, it’s the loss of hearing, whether by aging or other causes, that will definitely shut people out.

  • Also, when the person feels like other people are talking about them, which relates to water and fear, this is the fear of being alone, of not being a member of the community anymore.

  • Good for someone who’s scatter-brained and ungrounded because it will help to bring yang qi down and consolidate it.

  • Good for moving blood, clearing heat in blood, especially good for clearing heat in the head. Its name also suggests the use for releasing the exterior, to “shut out” wind, wind-cold, wind-heat and protect the body.

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