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Spirit of the Point – 豐隆 Fēng Lóng – Stomach-40

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

豐– Fēng – in modern character is written as 丰(fēng), meaning “stream of cash”, held together by a “mountain” 山 (shān), together they mean “mountain of cash”

  • Under this mountain of cash, there’s 豆 (dòu), a sacrificial vessel 

  • Together, this character could mean “abundance”, “fertile”, “appearance”

– Lóng – means “prosperous”, “bulge”, “grand”

  • This is also the Luo-Connecting Point of the Stomach Channel

Location: Fēng Lóng = Abundant Bulge

  • This point is located on the lower leg at the half way point between the tibiofemoral joint line and the lateral malleolus, one finger-breadth lateral to ST-38.

  • It’s called “Abundant Bulge” because if you run your finger along the lower leg, you will come to a “bulge” in the middle of the lower leg

Physiology: Fēng Lóng = The Rain-Maker

  • As an organ, the stomach is the month of spring, which is the time where nature is being abundantly nourished by the fertile spring rain that makes everything grow more than any other time of the year. Therefore, the stomach itself is associated with good rain, abundance and fertility. Moreover, it’s also related to “timeliness” – there is a right time for everything, and if the time is missed, there would be no harvest in the fall. This point represents that aspect of abundance and fertility of the Stomach channel.

  • It is associated with Hexagram 14, 大 有- Dà Yǒu, which means “Big Have”, or “to have a lot/in abundance”, however, this is “abundance without selfishness”, so it’s not about holding on to this abundance, but a healthy Stomach is cooking for other people and giving it away as much as gathering goods for itself. 

  • With that, this point deals with both extremes of this spectrum: either having too much fluid or not enough fluid, which is how it works with phlegm – phlegm is abundance in excess (too much stuck dampness) – so by stimulating this point, it helps to get rid of excess fluid that’s drowning the person. It’s also about goodness and beauty, because when there’s either too much or too little fluid, the body would either swell or shrink, and that would not be looking so good. 

  • The Stomach is represented by the Dragon, which is closely related to shamanism and water

  • When it’s too dry, people do the dragon dance to pray for rain. But when there’s too much rain, there will be flooding.

  • –> This point can do both

  • This is the Luo point of the Stomach channel, which means this is where the Stomach connects to the Spleen, so it works well with treating the Spleen as well, by means of draining it through the stomach.

  • In a Zang-Fu pair, there a directionality to each organ, and with the SP-ST pair, the Stomach descends whereas the Spleen ascends. Relating back to the name of this point, there is a directionality to sacrifice,  so the imagery of this point is as if the person is holding up a pot of valuable things to offer it to heaven, and going up is the direction of the spleen, so by needling this point, the spleen is stimulated.

  • Additionally, this point could be useful for when someone is feeling like they’re lacking self-worth, that they’re not enough. By giving them “abundance”, we’re opening a “path of abundance” to replenish themselves.

  • In short, this points deals with fluid metabolism of not only the Stomach channel but also of the body as well.

Pathology: Fēng Lóng = Excess Abundance or Overflow Accumulation 

  • In the Nei Jing, there is a section that says: “This is the place where the ST channel goes off to Taiyin Spleen, and from here, there’s a branch that goes up to the head and neck, and unites there with qi of all other channels, then comes down again and connects to the throat. Therefore, where there’s counterflow in the channel, there’ll be symptoms of throat closure and voice loss. If excess in channel, there’ll be symptoms of madness and seizures. If there’s deficient in channel, there will be cramping in leg, atrophy of lower extremities. All of these can be healed by needling this point.”

  • Overlapping with this point’s physiology, phlegm is the excess abundance, so this point “drains” phlegm by affecting the fluid metabolism of the body. When dizziness and nausea go together, that usually means there’s undrained fluid, so ST-40 could be used to treat that. Moreover, this point treats both visible and invisible phlegm, which leads to some possible presenting symptoms below.

  • Other symptoms of impaired fluid metabolism include, but not limited to, intense headache, edema and swelling of the face, restlessness in the Heart, going manic and see demons, laughing all the time without stopping, throat closure, loss of voice, this point is good.


  • Fēng Lóng is also called 雷公 – Léi Gōng – the Thunder God, as well as 雲師 – Yún Shí – the Cloud Master. Together they represent the thunder spirit/the rain master, which brings life, abundance, fertility to the world, in the form of spring rain.

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